Monday, April 23, 2007

Honeymoon...A Little Late But Done

We never really had a "honeymoon" since we got married. So we desided to take one this spring before Nasch got so big in the belly that we wouldn't be able to a whole lot.

We decided to go down to southern Germany to Konstanz, just on the south side of Germany's biggest lake (Bodensee) on the Swiss boarder. And what a weekend it was!

Our first sight was a place called Insel Mainau. It's a huge flower/tree garden-island. Being that it's the begining of spring there wasn't a lot of flowers in bloom but there was enough to still be gorgeous. Not only was it a a garden, they had a lot of other things to see and do. The had a Butterfly House, Castle/Mansion, waterfalls... The place was amazing.
The next day we took a car ferry across the lake to Meersberg to see the castle over there, eat lunch on the promanade and do a little shopping. Later that afternoon we went to an aquarium back in Konstanz and walked along the waterfront and watched all of the wildlife swim and flap around. That night we ate at a little Italian-Pizza place. Nasch had a Spinich Cannaloni and I a fabulous Spinich Spaghetti with an oustanding bottle of Lambrusco.

After that it was back home early the next morning. I had to get back to wrk and Nasch had to get back to taking care of Baby Ethan.

More Money!!!! More Power!!!!

For those who didn't know. I got promoted to the rank of Sergeant this past month (well March 30th...but I'll let a couple days slide...). As soon as I was done with the board I was thrown into a Staff Sergeant's job as a Specialist. Nothing has changed since the actual promotion really. But it's nice to be getting paid for what I do!

It's had it's ups and downs. Sometime I have to stay late to make sure that things get done, or get up a little earlier to do the Army thing. But that's part of the job and the money right? So I (and Nasch) take things in stride.

I am lucky with the guys that I am in charge of though. I haven't had anything really big happen with them and they do the right far...cross your finger's for me!

And It's.....

...Ethan John Niziolek! Nasch and I just found out at her last doc appointment last Friday that it is 100% Niziolek BOY! You can even see his "thingy" next to the blue arrow. SEE?!?!

Yeah it was the typical, she wants a girl, he wants a boy, but we are both ecstatic! Either way. Now I'll be able to teach Ethan the "manly things" in life....but at the same time I wouldn't complain if I had another "daddy's girl"....Don't worry I know what must be going through some of your head's right now...The "first" is the dog... Crazies...

Here's the most recent side profile of baby Ethan. Crazy how fast they grow isn't it....and he's not even born yet!

Monday, March 12, 2007

A Little Formal in an Unformal Life

After getting back from the Sandbox we were told that there was an All Ranks Ball for my Unit. Not too shortly after I was told that it was mandatory for everyone in my section to go... no if, and's, or buts...
I didn't really have a choice in what to wear but my Class A uniform, but Nasch needed something to wear. So we went out shopping for a dress here and there and found one that she really liked. BUT being pregnent and the tum-tum growing so much in a week, that dress didn't fit too confortably any more. Luckely Nasch had a very pretty "back-up" dress in the closet that was not only pretty, but also was comfy for her.
I think it was a good time over all. It was deffinatly a different experience, but fun non-the-less. It's always fun watching the people that are really drunk isn't it?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It's always worth the wait, right?

So. Here it is. We've finally got the blog back up and running. New address. New content!

As most of you know, Nasch and I are spaghetti sauce now (Prego brand :P) We have chosen the names 'Emily Marie' and 'Ethan John' for a girl's and boy's name. So with those names chosen, right now we're calling the baby 'Baby-E'...cause we don't know what he/she's going to be yet. Nasch is around 10 weeks now putting the due date @ August 4th. The picture was taken when at about 7 weeks on our vacation to Maine a couple weeks back.

We had a good vacation in Maine over all. Maybe a little stressfull, but good nontheless. We spent the first couple days in the Saco area. We went shopping in the Old Port, went and saw the X-Mas tree and went to a Portland Pirates game to start off the weekend AND they WON!

After the weekend it was back up to Mom's house for a couple days. Didn't really do a whole lot there but we did get to visit with some of the Aunts and of coarse Grandma and Grandpa. Then we took a half-day trip over to Waterbury, Vermont to see wour friend Will (who was on leave in New York) and his girlfriend Brooke. We went out to a place called "The Alchamist" for dinner and a couple drinks. It was a pretty nice place. A little Yippy though. It was somewhat "upscale" and most of the stuff on the menu was very "granola." Lost of veggies and tofu. Nasch had a quessadilla that wasn't too bad and I had an outstanding burger. Their home brews weren't too bad either. Deffinatly a place that I would recomend if anyone is ever in the area. After dinner we decided that it wasn't too late to head back to Maine (that and the hotels were a little expensive...just a little). Then it was wind-down time and get ready to come back home. Right before we headed back to the airport we stopped back up to Grandma and Grandpa's house for a little visit. Over all, again, it was a good vacation. Nasch loved Maine (it reminded her a lot of home here in Germany). Now next all we have is to go see the fam in Wyoming.

Well again, apologies for the long absence from the blog. We'll try to be better about a weekly-biweekly update! Love to all.

Keep the Java stong and hot!